Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Worlds Most Deadliest Train commute


On average 4,000 people die a year on Mumbai's railways, crushed under trains, electrocuted by overhead power lines or killed as they lean from jam-packed carriages to gasp for air. It is perhaps the world's deadliest commute.

"Everyday it's a nightmare. The train is so crowded that one has to look up at the ceiling to breathe," said Natasha Pillai, a young student in India's financial capital.

At peak hours more than 550 people cram into a carriage built for 200. Passengers fall to their deaths from moving trains or tumble under the wheels from crowded platforms.

People hang from coaches, balance precariously on the roofs of carriages or risk a ride on the bumpers between cars as they trundle along three lines and through nearly 120 stations.

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