Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rinspeed Scuba Underwater Car

Using a Lotus Elise as a starting point, Rinspeed took it apart and rebuilt it making sure to look for any small gaps and areas where water could come in. After sealing the bottom of the vehicle, they needed a propulsion system for use in water. They removed the combustion engine and installed 3 electric motors. The larger motor drives the wheels for pavement use. The other 2 are used to spin 2 propellers in the rear of the vehicle. To help when submerged, 2 Seabob Jets set in front of the doors also provide thrust. The combination makes the Squba 100% emissions-free.
Rinspeed was careful not to remove the snappy performance while on land. Top speed has been reduced to an acceptable 75mph. When submerged the Elise can reach roughly 10mph, while on top of the water only 2mph can be achieved. The interior is made of salt-water resistant material and the seats are made of high friction materials so you don't float off.

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